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What's the Difference?

Over the past several years, Unity Canada has had one person serving as both the Regional Consultant and the Regional Representative. We have recently split these two roles and welcomed Rev. Anne Ahokangas as Unity Canada’s Regional Representative.

You might find yourself wondering about the difference between these two roles and who you should reach out to when questions arise pertaining to your spiritual community.

The Regional Representative is a liaison between Unity Canada and Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). This person is part of UWM’s Standards Team which is involved in creating standards and policies. Rev. Anne will bring the Canadian perspective to this work, and assist in keeping channels of communication open between the two organizations. She will also be working with the Unity Canada board in developing standards and policies unique to Canada. She will be your contact regarding questions about policies and standards.

As the Regional Consultant, my role is to support the Unity Canada communities, providing guidance about ministry related issues. I also provide consultancy services such as: leadership development, visioning & strategic planning, mediation, and facilitation of community meetings.

Rev. Anne and I are partnering in many ways and will be reaching out to each community to schedule a time for a virtual meeting with your leadership team. The purpose of this meeting is to connect with you, to learn about what is happening in your ministry, and to discuss ways in which Unity Canada can work collaboratively with you in building success and sharing the Unity message.

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