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Credentialed Leaders & Ministries
Annual Reports due March 31, 2024

Your annual report to Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) is due March 31st!  More information here.

And, ➡️don't forget to send a copy of your T3010 to Unity Canada at

⚠️If your report is not submitted on time, we must consider your ministry inactive which also impacts possible reimbursement for this year's Conference expenses.

UWM sent out the link to the Credentialed Leader's Report in January.  The link for the Annual Ministry Report went out on February 14.  Please check your Spam folder.


👍 Questions about the either report can be sent to

Unity Worldwide Ministries
Annual Summit 2024

Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) Annual Summit was held February 6 and 7.  This year’s Summit was attended by several Unity Canada Board members.

One of the topics of this year’s Summit was UWM’s Identity.  Specifically, there was significant discussion around whether we are a Christian organization.  As UWM’s recent identity video indicates, this question has been discussed throughout Unity’s history, surfacing a variety of perspectives.  Unity certainly has roots in Christianity, and the teachings of Jesus, our Wayshower.  And our interpretation of those teachings is metaphysical and diverges from more traditional forms of Christianity. 

Many thoughts were shared at the Summit and the discussion was passionate at times.  There are some who are deeply committed to the Jesus’ teachings and want to ensure that these teachings continue to hold a prominent place in our culture.  Others noted our differences from traditional Christianity, and a desire to embrace a more eclectic perspective.  There were no voices advocating that the teachings of Jesus be discarded.  Rather there was a desire to provide a more universal message. 

The identity discussion is still underway, and the UWM board will be providing further opportunities for Unity leaders and community members to engage this conversation.  At this point, they are choosing not to refer to Unity as “Christian” while continuing to utilize the rich teachings of the Fillmores, which is of course, rooted in Jesus’ teachings.

The new membership model was another topic of conversation that generated concern and confusion.  This was particularly true of international ministries who cannot fulfill some of the expectations outlined in the policy.  It is important for Unity ministries in Canada to understand that they do meet the 2 requirements for membership:

  1. To be a UWM approved ministry in good standing.

  2. To comply with UWM bylaws and policies. (PLEASE NOTE: Canadian Unity ministries must also comply with Unity Canada bylaws and policies.)


Licensed Unity Teachers were membership status at the June convention last year, and expressed concern that the membership requirements were too limiting for them.  Some ministers also expressed this concern.

The UWM board is continuing to look at the membership policy and welcomes input.  Also, as Regional Representative, I work with the UWM Standards Team which is looking at the membership policy.  Please contact me, if there is anything you want me to bring to this conversation.

Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster

Unity Canada Regional Representative

Unity Worldwide Ministries

Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) is an association that includes Unity ministries, their leaders and congregants, our regions, and our central office. 

The work of the central office is to support ministers, ministries, credentialled leaders, regions, the Board of Trustees, and ministry teams.  In short, we are your partners in ministry.

UWM key focus areas are:

Education, including programs, resources and support; Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI), Leadership & Ministry Development Guides, curriculum and small group ministries.

Operations, including administrative consultation for ministers and spiritual communities; events that provide networking and educational opportunities for Unity professionals (annual convention, music conference).

Member Services, including ministry employment, credentialling, new and alternative ministries, ministry consulting, and support regarding bylaws, policies and procedures.

Communications & Marketing, including e-newsletters and website, marketing materials for member communities, and managing the Unity brand.

Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village

Unity World Headquarters (UHQ) is located on the beautiful 1,200-acre campus near Kansas, Missouri called Unity Village


UHQ provides inspiration and tools for spiritual transformation through...

UWM Membership
Model Policy
Rev Russell Canadian Embassy.jpg

September 2023


Hello - I'm Rev. Russell Heiland, the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board of Trustees liaison to the Canada Region.  I serve as Sr. Minister of Unity of Fairfax, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.  And, like many of you, I am a worker committed to raising the consciousness of humanity through the teachings of Unity.

I have the pleasure of knowing several of the leaders in Unity Canada's spiritual communities and know how powerfully and effectively Unity in Canada is making meaningful impacts in people’s lives.

As liaisons to regions, UWM Trustees are tasked with serving as bridges between the regions and the UWM Board.  If there are issues or opportunities to share between the regions and the UWM, we are available to serve as conduits of that sort communication.

Additionally, and maybe more importantly, the role of the liaison is to prayerfully support the regions and uphold the consciousness of gratitude for the many ways the regions shine the light of Divine Love in the world.

So, with a grateful heart, I say to the Unity Canada Region, thank you for being Unity’s “Northern Lights!

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