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Unity Canada ministries across Canada host events and classes that are open to everyone.  Some are ongoing; some are for specific dates.  Zoom is the usual mode of connection.

We are pleased to make this page available to all ministries, although Unity Canada is not responsible for the content , its delivery or the organization of the event.  All questions and comments should be directed to the Events Contact Person as shown in each event listing.


Unity Kitchener Special Events Website -

Various January dates & times

Unity of Kitchener

Events Contact Person:  Cheryl Rodgers


Mysticism: Becoming One with the Infinite

“When you thus cease to be finite, you become one with the Infinite.” - Plotinus

Mysticism is the belief in the possibility of becoming one with the Infinite and the practices used to experience that Oneness. The disagreements among religions dissolves into a basic spiritual agreement among the mystics of the different traditions. In this series we will examine the nature of mystical experience and survey the history of Eastern and Western mysticism. Along the way, we will explore the concepts and practices of those mystics. The course will involve information, reflection, discussion, and practical exercises suggested by the great mystics.

February 2 - for 4 weeks

5pm ET

Unity Centre of Montreal

Event Contact Person:  Rev James Gaither

Unity Kitchener Special Events Website -


Various February dates & times

Unity of Kitchener

Events Contact Person:  Cheryl Rodgers


Online Prayer Training with Rev Linda Martella-Whitsett

Unity Vancouver Island will be offering an on-line prayer training  with Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, date to be announced soon.  Cost will be only $25 per participant.  If you are considering attending, now is the time to acquire the book "How To Pray Without Talking to God".

Event Contact Person:  Rev Patricia Zogar

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