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CONNECT | Our Spiritual Communities' Special Events

Unity Canada spiritual communities across Canada host special events and classes that are open to everyone.  Some are ongoing; some are for specific dates.  Zoom is the usual mode of connection. (Time Converter)


We are pleased to make this page available to all our spiritual communities, although Unity Canada is not responsible for the content , the delivery or the organization of the event, nor the description written below.


All questions and comments should be directed to the Events Contact Person as shown in each event listing.

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Then this form is for you!  Please note:  the information you provide will appear exactly as received - please double check all your details!  

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Ministers in Residence Program
Unity Centre de/of Montreal

The Ministers in Residence Program seeks only experienced Unity ministers (or other ordinations and leaders, recognized by Unity, UWM).

Ministers in Residence are responsible, in coordination with the Senior Minister, for the conduct and content of all Sunday services and Midweek Event. They are encouraged to participate in the daily Noon Meditation and maintain some office hours presence on weekdays.

Read full description here.

Unity Ottawa is bringing back some of the healing awareness Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, Unity Co-founders, brought to the world so many years ago.

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 45 minutes (6:30-7:15pm ET)

Includes downloadable files for 'at home' support.

Zoom link available here

Ottawa - May and June 2024 - Healing and Wholeness.jpg

A Very Special
Ministry Event

The Door Opens to a New Home & Life

May 2024 Update:

The Hussaini family (who Unity Spiritual Centre Windsor (USCW) was sponsoring to immigrate from Afghanistan) was due to arrive in 7 - 12 weeks.


Less than 3 weeks after that notification from immigration we got an update: they would arrive the next week, on May 8th!

Wow, that caught us by surprise: we hadn’t even found them a house yet!  Click on images below to read the full 4-page story👇

Sponsorship Team Leaders Donna Voinaroski & Bob McGuire

Unity Spiritual Centre of Windsor


Duration: 5 weeks, starting June 6, 2024
Time: 7-8:30 pm ET

The Prospering Power of Prayer by Catherine Ponder
Facilitator: Debbie Long, LUT

"I invite you to join me and countless people on a worldwide basis who are practicing the prospering power of prayer.  As more people take up this soul-satisfying method it can become the answer to mankind's needs on every level of life. So together let us dare to pray and prosper." ~ Debbie Long, LUT

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