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What is a SpiritGroup?

A SpiritGroup is small group of people who meet weekly to connect with one another while exploring a spiritual topic or theme.  Through SpiritGroups, ministries inspire deeper connections, and grow healthy engaged ministries.

There are no fees to attend and participate in SpiritGroups.

SpiritGroups are made possible by the love offerings and generosity of SpiritGroup participants

and our Unity spiritual communities.

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Get ready for Fall 2022!

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Being a SpiritGroup Facilitator is fun and rewarding!

The purpose of our SpiritGroups program is to inspire Infinite connections through healthy, balanced small groups.  

Whether you look to Buddha and his small group of disciples 500 years earlier, to the pioneers of the New Thought Movement over a century ago, or to modern peer-support organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, small groups have proven themselves to be a powerful way to engage people in deep, lasting spiritual growth and development.


Today, the value of these groups has not changed. Unity SpiritGroups are independently functioning, leader-organized gatherings that bring people together in a spirit of love and support, continuing an ancient spiritual tradition.  
The Facilitator’s role is to co-create a safe and sacred space for connection and discussion. In addition to a warm invitation and spirit of hospitality, only basic facilitation skills are needed. Resources are available. Ongoing support is provided by the SpiritGroup Program Leader and experienced facilitators.
The training, the tools, and the systems have been proven to build robust small groups in New Thought spiritual communities, where people feel the connection and gain a sense of belonging

For those who would like a refresher, please feel free to sign up too.

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