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Introducing SpiritGroups Canada!
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"There's an exciting new way for us to grow, connect and collaborate:  SpiritGroups Canada.

Unity Canada makes it easy for any New Thought individual or spiritual community be a Host or Co-host."
~ Cheryl Rodgers, December 2022

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Many of you will be familiar with SpiritGroups - those wonderful small groups that help our spiritual communities and individuals to grow in a BIG way.

My home Spiritual Community, Unity Kitchener, along with Unity Ottawa and Unity Windsor have been actively offering a SpiritGroups Program since 2019 after being trained by Mendhi Audlin, founder of the SpiritGroup Program.

The success of these early SpiritGroups to bring new life - and new people - to our Canadian Unity movement has inspired Unity Canada to administer a national SpiritGroups program.

This Canadian program alleviates the need for spiritual communities to have their own licensed SpiritGroups Leader at a cost of US$1500 and 7 months' training; to create their own SpiritGroup program; to find a volunteer to run and monitor the program; to train hosts and co-hosts; and to provide ongoing support.

In short, Unity Canada has made it easy for spiritual communities and individuals to engage in any SpiritGroups Canada program across Canada!

It's my absolute pleasure to be Unity Canada's first Program Director for SpiritGroups Canada. Nancy Cherry, who brings a wealth of SpiritGroups knowledge, will work with me as Program Assistant.  You can reach both of us at

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Keynote:  Indira Huerta
Unity Canada Virtual Conference
October 14, 2023

In this 50-minute presentation by UWM SpiritGroups Program Leader Indira Huerta you'll get new insights into the power of SpiritGroups for your spiritual community's growth as well as your own!

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You don't need to decide in advance if facilitating a SpiritGroup is for you.
Just come check it out!

Orientation in the first half of this event gives you inspiring and practical information about SpiritGroups Canada. Then, if you're interested in becoming a SpiritGroup Host or Co-host, stay for the second half and you'll start your training!  

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