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LEARN | Become a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT)


Teaching is the perpetual end and office of all things.  Teaching, instruction is the main design that shines through the sky and earth.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Becoming an LUT

Many students, as they go through the Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE) courses, realize that they are being called into leadership.


One of the Unity leadership paths available through Unity Worldwide Ministries is the Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) path.  (Canadian students follow the US credentialling path, not the International path.)

We welcome any of your questions.  Please connect with Wendy Karr, Adult Education Co-ordinator at

Update April 2024
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Course Checklist

Course checklist for Licensed Unity Teachers can be downloaded here – check back for further updates as UWSI rolls out the new Education program!

Licensed Unity Teachers

Alphabetical on First Name:

Alexandra Gale, LUT

Arlene Boudreau, LUT

Caroline Kingston, LUT

Debbie Long, LUT 

Judi Murakami, LUT

Mariette Jones, LUT 

Maxine Alexander, LUT

Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, LUT

Sheila Mayer, LUT

Susan Ferrante, LUT 

Wendy Karr, LUT

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