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The below SpiritGroups are endorsed by Unity Canada.  It's your assurance that the person facilitating the SpiritGroup has successfully completed the Unity SpiritGroups Host Orientation and Training.


You'll find other non-SpiritGroup learning offerings like small groups, classes, book studies happening in various spiritual communities throughout Canada.  Other places to look on this website are General Interest Courses, and Ministry Events, and Unity Canada Special Events.

Questions?  Please connect with Cheryl Rodgers or Nancy Cherry at

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More info & optional registration, click  here

An opportunity to explore the mystery of lost knowledge. The commonly shared story of the virgin mother and her child, specifically. Knowing the etymology of “Lord” is “ruling Goddess” we named this gathering “isis in the bible”… isis is the same word for Madonna, Eris, Kali, etc, the divine feminine in every culture. Join us as we prove to ourselves and the world that we all come from the same spirituality, unlabeled.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 876 0002 3935     Passcode: 369963

SpiritGroups are viewed as a part of the core services provided by our Unity spiritual communities. There are no fees to attend, participate or lead.

SpiritGroups are made possible by the love offerings and generosity of SpiritGroup participants and our Unity spiritual communities.

Love offerings can be made to Unity Canada by going to our Unity Canada Donate page here.

Sharing Wisdom SpiritGroup
Spiritual Laws of Higher Awareness SpiritGroup
Info, registration & Zoom link, click here

Sharing Wisdom is a collaborative group where we share, a variety of perspectives based on Ted talks of interest, poetry, music, photography, and humour. Develop friendships near and far. All are welcome, coast to coast... Join us, connecting and building community.

Info, registration & Zoom link, click here

When we get in touch with our highest awareness, innerstand compassion, and apply Spiritual Laws in our own lives, we come into our own power for the greater good of all Life on Earth is a team game. Learning the rules can help us change the world around us, individually and collectively. Studying Spiritual Laws has changed my life. Join Me as we dive into Part 2-The Laws of Creation in Diana Cooper's Book: A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws.

Info, registration & Zoom link, click here

Rev. Michael Gott presents Transformational Lessons via videos based on the book Lessons in Truth by Emile Cady.

Info, registration & Zoom link, click here

A exploration of Unity's 5 principles fom the perspective of Hafiz, the famous Sufi poet and contemporary of Rumi. As a new member of Unity, my intent in this 7-week contemplation is to expand and deepen our fellowship in Spirit as well as broaden our experience and understanding of Spirit in action.

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