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LEARN | Become a Unity Minister (M&RS)


If you could do some other career or job, then do that.  You'll know if you're called to be a minister: it's not a job, it's a life.
~ Anonymous

About Becoming a Minister

Becoming a Unity minister is rich and rewarding—and it can be very demanding. We encourage those interested in becoming a Unity minister to consider this call thoughtfully and prayerfully.

There are two skills we encourage you to work on before applying to a ministerial path.

Self-Awareness: Ministry is a vocation of service, and it calls one to be present to others in a deep and authentic way. Self-awareness is critical. If you are considering Unity ministry, we invite you to develop your self-awareness through prayer, mindfulness, trainings, etc., or by working with a coach or therapist.

Articulating Unity Principles: Ministry calls us to share the transformative principles with others in a way that they can understand them and apply them to their lives. It is often helpful for potential candidates to reflect on the Unity teachings and find ways to express them in their own words.

One of Unity’s core teachings is that we are each an individualized expression of God. We honor this individuality through a diversity of ministerial paths. All paths are designed to call forth the same standards of ministerial excellence.


The Canadian ministerial training Application Process follows the US-based applications and interview process.


As your first step, we encourage you to connect with Wendy Karr, Adult Education Co-ordinator at

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Course Checklist for
M&RS (Ministry & Religious Studies)

Course checklist for Ministry & Religious Studies (M&RS) can be downloaded here – check back for further updates as UWSI rolls out the new Education program!

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