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LEARN | Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE)

The Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses are meant and designed to be more than just “head” or intellectual knowledge. They are intended to support critical thinking, individual exploration, and deepening and maturing of spiritual understanding and practices

Casual learners are welcome too - no assignments are required - come and join fellow explorers on the spiritual path!

Facilitator Freewill Fee is payable by clicking here.

Course and Class fees for the facilitator(s) are self-determined by participants. In the tradition of Unity's co-founders and early teachers, there are no set fees, and no one will be turned away on the basis of their economic circumstances.  Participants are free to share as they are able, inspired and willing.  Facilitators graciously and gratefully accept your financial sharing, whatever it might be.

Fall 2022 Update

Unity Worldwide Ministries/Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute recently completed a review of the SEE program.


As you can see in this document (click Download button, below), starting Fall 2022 there will be adjustments to what courses are offered, and when.


Please contact Wendy Karr at if you have questions or want to talk about credentialled paths.

Current SEE Credit Courses 
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Review the full updated Unity Prayer Winter Overview by downloading here

Upcoming SEE Credit Courses 
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Simplified communication!

To ask questions, register for a course:

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