CONNECT | World Day of Prayer 2021

World Day of Prayer 2021.jpg

Unity Canada World Day of Prayer was held September 8-9 - our first online WDOP event!


We gathered for a powerful 24 hours of prayer, meditation, poetry, reflection and music.


It was a beautiful time of connection and of healing as many of us shared our spiritual gifts.


In connection with Silent Unity, the day was a great experience.  With the support of the Unity Canada Board we created a sacred space of healing.

I would like to thank each of the participants for their generosity. We join together in blessing each person who contributed to this year's event:

  • Geneviève Trudel accompanied by Richard Whiteman

  • Ken Noel

  • Ian McKnight

  • Rev Anne Ahokangas

  • Nanci Miranda

  • Carole Calder

  • Rev David Old

  • Voices of Praise

  • Sandy Carriere

  • Pauline Duncan-Trasher

  • Marguerite Alfred

  • Renée Richards

  • Debbie Long accompanied by Miguel Castillo

  • Rev Phyllis Green

  • Pierre Trudel

  • ...and myself, accompanied by Rye Anderson

Rev Barbara Schreiner-Trudel
Unity Canada Chaplain


Each month, you're invited to hold one or more of our Spiritual Centres in your prayers.