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To educate (from educare, to lead forth) never means to force into from the outside, but always means to draw out from within something already existing there.
~ H. Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth
Wendy Karr

Licensed Unity Teacher

Adult Education Coordinator

Major intents of Unity’s spiritual education are to support individuals in developing the consciousness and skills of emotional and spiritual maturity and to apply positive spiritual concepts and practices to their lives.


How can we help you learn? 

We offer many areas of study to assist you in exploring your spiritual potential. In your pursuit of a more compassionate and fulfilling life, you can explore:

  • Individual courses to explore areas of general interest (click here)

  • Self-determined path of spiritual enrichment (click here)

  • Credentialing paths to become a Licensed Unity Teacher (click here)

  • Credentialing paths to become an Ordained Unity Minister (click here)

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Adult Education Coordinator

Wendy Karr, LUT

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