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From Struggle to Strength: Programs for Small Ministry Success

During this time of deep change in our culture, many ministries are experiencing decline, and find themselves unable to hire a minister. This does not mean that they are not able to receive the benefits of ministerial guidance. UWM has two programs that can be valuable to these ministries: hiring a Minister of Record, and hiring someone to serve under Special Dispensation.

The Minister of Record Program is specifically designed for small ministries (under 20 people). People in these ministries are often deeply dedicated to Unity and their ministry, and unsure of how to proceed forward.

The Minister of Record Program partners them with an experienced Unity Minister who supports, advises and guides them. In most cases this support is virtual and includes attendance at board meetings and the ministry leadership team (if one exists), advising them of current trends in ministry, guiding and supporting them in decision-making, etc. The minister may also provide trainings, teach classes, speak on Sunday (via zoom or in person)…

The Special Dispensation supports an individual in the ministry who serves as the ministry coordinator or the spiritual leader while that individual works to become ordained by Unity. This individual is supported by an experienced Unity minister who serves as a mentor, supporting this leader as needed.

Both programs can be highly beneficial to small ministries.

As your Regional Consultant, I can

  • provide you with more information concerning these programs

  • assist you in the application process

  • connect you with a Unity Minister who can support your ministry as a Minister of Record or Mentor.

I encourage you to reach out to me if you are interested in either of these programs.

In Loving Service,

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