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We gratefully receive your financial support

Donate to us through:

Unity Canada​

PO Box 5158 Stn Baden

Baden, ON   N3A 4J3

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Course & Class Fees

Course and Class fees for the facilitator(s) are self-determined by participants. In the tradition of Unity's co-founders and early teachers, there are no set fees, and no one will be turned away on the basis of their economic circumstances.  Participants are free to share as they are able, inspired and willing.  Facilitators graciously and gratefully accept your financial sharing, whatever it might be.


SpiritGroups are viewed as a part of the core services provided by our Unity spiritual communities. There are no fees to attend, participate or lead. SpiritGroups are made possible by the love offerings and generosity of SpiritGroup participants and our Unity spiritual communities. Love offerings can be made to Unity Canada, earmarked SpiritGroups Canada and sent via any means noted above.

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