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How the Regional Consultant Helps Ministries

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

“We welcome Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster to her role as Unity Canada Regional Consultant. Her experience and perspective from her 5+ years leading Member Services at UWM is a huge asset.” ~ Unity Canada Board

There are two ways in which Rev. Cynthia, as Unity Canada’s Regional Consultant, is available to serve and support our Canadian ministries and leaders:

At no cost, as a benefit of your ministry membership in Unity Canada:
  • Ministry Leadership Advisor: Rev. Cynthia is your first point of contact and can advise on general questions pertaining to ministry development, trends, best practices, governance, bylaws, etc. She can help brainstorm with ministry leadership and provide you with information about Unity resources, services and policies.

  • Minister of Record (MOR) Coordinator: Rev. Cynthia also supports ministries without a Unity Minister in finding a qualified minister to serve as a Minister of Record.

  • LUT Sponsor: Rev. Cynthia is available to serve as the sponsoring minister for LUTs (Licensed Unity Teachers) who are in a ministry not served by a Unity Minister.

A negotiated fee-for-service, paid by your ministry to the Regional Consultant:
  • Consultant: Rev. Cynthia is available to provide ministry consulting services such as organizational development, change management, visioning and discernment, strategic planning, leadership trainings, community meeting facilitation, etc.

  • Conflict Transformation: When conflict arises in the ministry, Rev. Cynthia may be available to facilitate dialogue and support those involved in finding resolution and healing. She speaks with all parties and assesses the situation to determine whether facilitated dialogue would be advisable.

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