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Setting the Table of Belonging

I was in a conversation about inclusivity recently and someone used the phrase: “setting the table of belonging.” What a beautiful way to describe the intention to be inclusive!

Consider how you prepare for a dinner: planning a menu that will nourish your friends… cleaning and beautifying your home… considering all the ways in which you can make people feel at ease, welcome, and that their presence is a blessing…

When we embrace inclusivity with the same intentionality, we are creating a space where all are welcome and valued. We are creating a space where their uniqueness is celebrated and where we become more through their presence.

As human beings, we all have a basic human need for belonging. We all want to feel that our presence matters and makes a difference. We all want to make contributions that are valued.

And sadly, human history is filled with ways in which we exclude and “otherize” those who are different. I make this statement not from a place of blame or shame, but from a desire to look honestly at what we have created, so that we can build a better future together – a future in which we really live inside of our Unity teachings: there is only One Presence, and One Power; we are all interconnected in a sacred web of interdependence; and each of is an integral and valued part of that web.

It is with the intention of setting the table of belonging that Unity Canada’s April 15th Mini-Conference is focused on Transforming Power, Prejudice and Privilege.

I have experienced this workshop before and assure you that you will not want to miss it. Betty Pries and Paul Okoye of Credence & Company weave together a rich tapestry of knowledge and create a safe space to explore these often-uncomfortable topics. They infuse this work with love, honor, and respect for all, while inviting participants to explore their own biases honestly but with incredible gentleness.

Please join us for this experience on Saturday April 15, 2023, 1:30-5pm ET (Time Converter). I promise that you will be richly blessed and transformed.

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