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Life As The Soul's Unfoldment

Updated: Jun 26

“Life is an ever-progressive upward spiral of conscious evolution.” ~ Charles Fillmore

We speak about spiritual growth in Unity, acknowledging that life is an ongoing journey of the soul’s unfoldment.  This unfoldment is individual in many ways and learning and growth increase exponentially in the presence of others. 

To support this evolution, I am offering a webinar on the first Thursday of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 ET.  The topics for these webinars will address different aspects of spiritual community.

Credentialed Leaders may use these webinars for CEUs.  AND they are open to everyone!  Indeed, sharing this learning among several members of your community will enhance your experience.

Below is a draft plan of the webinars.  Suggestions webinar topics are most welcome. Connect with me at

·       April 4: Accountability: The Intersection of Truth & Love

·       May 2: Possibility Creation

·       June 6: Cultivating Trust

·       July 4: The Dynamics of Polarization

·       No webinar in August

·       September 5: Transforming Conflict

·       October 3: TBA

·       November: TBA

·       No webinar in December

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