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Leadership in Spiritual Community

Our world and the nature of ministry are changing very rapidly today, and this is calling for good leadership in our spiritual communities.

When I speak of leadership, I am speaking about more than ministers or spiritual leaders. I am speaking of board members and lay leaders.

Thriving spiritual communities rely on spiritual teamwork that marries a commitment to ongoing spiritual development with a heart for sacred service, and sound organizational practices.

The Leadership Training offered October 1, 2022 will explore leadership in ministry through multiple lenses. It will:

  • Be grounded in spiritual principle and practice

  • Explore the uniqueness of leadership in spiritual community

  • Look at the shifting paradigms of spiritual communities

  • Build teamwork and collaboration

  • Develop skills for adaptive leadership, and a learning environment

  • Discuss roles and accountabilities

This will be an interactive training, seeking to evoke the wisdom in the room and build on the strengths of each participant.

We will have multiple breakout groups for deeper exploration. Some be:

  • random allowing participants to learn from those in other spiritual communities

  • with members of your leadership team to explore and discover what this means for your organization.

Fee for training is $250 per ministry. Fee includes one follow-up session with each leadership team to explore how to integrate learning into your spiritual community. To register, please contact me at

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