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Core Values: Our Defining Characteristics

After our Unity Canada conference in Nanaimo, the Unity Canada board spent some time exploring who we are and where we are as an organization. Part of that exploration included a deeper look at Unity Canada’s core values – generosity, inclusivity, and creativity. We asked: “What do these words mean to us? And what are the behaviours that indicate we are living each core value?” The results of this exploration can be found on our website here.

This work was more than an intellectual process. It led to a deeper understanding of these values and an intention to live and express them more fully. This will support us in more expansively living our mission “to serve and equip our members through education support, ministry development and opportunities for connection.”

Core values are the defining characteristics of an organization, a spiritual community, or an individual. They tell the world who we are. When we express our core values, our best self shows up. We shine our light out into the world. Getting clear on our core values supports us in being all that Spirit created us to be.

I invite you to explore the core values of your community and to consider how you can give them more clarity and greater expression in the world. If you would like some assistance with this, please reach out to me. I would be honoured to support you on this journey of discovery.

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