Spiritual Education and Enrichment Courses

SEE (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) Courses are prerequisites for both the Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) and the Ministerial programs.  LUT candidiates must completed all SEE courses; Ministerial candidates must complete 18 required courses.

In addition, everyone is welcome to attend as a non-credit audit student for your own personal growth and development.

Current course offerings are shown below.  Please check back soon as we add new courses regularly.

Do you have questions about these courses or the paths to becoming a credentialed Unity leader?  Contact Wendy Karr, Licensed Unity Teacher, Adult Education Coordinator at unitycanada.adulted@gmail.com

Looking for the non-SEE classes?  For current workshops and discussion groups on Unity topics, please click here.


Summer 2021

Our academic term is winding down and we’re taking an extended “Sabbath” to renew, revise, and relax.
Our next sessions will begin around (Canadian) Thanksgiving - we’re still polishing the schedule for the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE) terms so stay tuned!
We’ll be running the Intro to Unity non-credit workshops in October and November, just in time for ministries’ annual membership renewals.  Areas covered include Unity’s founding and history, our 5 Basic Principles, affirmative prayer, and administrative structure.  If you have additional suggestions for areas to cover, please share!
If you are in the SEE stream, please let me know what courses you still need to complete the requirements for M&RS or LUT application.  Our facilitators want to support your journey by providing the courses YOU need!  Send your course requests to unitycanada.adulted@gmail.com