Scholarships and Grants

US Dollar Exchange Grant - For Ministries

(updated May 4, 2021)

For any materials or services purchased for ministry operations, this Grant will help ministries ease the cost of the the US-Canada exchange rate.  This Grant applies for purchases made after January 1, 2020 and includes the below items and services.  (Note that consulting fees do not qualify for this grant as these would be classified as Ministry development.)

Please complete this US Dollar Exchange Grant for Ministries Form, and submit it to  If you are unsure if your claim fits this Grant's criteria, you can request pre-approval by downloading and submitting the application form.

  • One Each website expenses
  • products purchased (and not for resale) from Unity Worldwide Ministries or Unity Headquarters (i.e. 12 Power candle sets)
  • US course materials (i.e. Prosperity Plus and Absolute Abundance) when sold to the student at cost
  • emPower music license
  • marketing and promotional items (i.e. Lenten, Advent and other Unity booklets, one Ministry subscription to Daily Word)
  • Spiritual Cinema
  • Spirit Groups (only the minimum monthly membership fee, currently $25US)
  • US-based speakers (honourariums paid at the rate that follows Ministry Policy; grant claims may be submitted once per quarter or a maximum of 4 times per calendar year.)

US Dollar Exchange Grant - for SEE Credit Class

(updated May 4, 2021)

Unity Canada will cover the exchange rate between the U.S. and Canadian dollar for tuition and accommodation paid when taking classes at Unity Village or Unity Urban Ministerial School. Students who have successfully completed SEE credit classes, ministerial path classes and/or pre-requisite ministerial path classes, required L&O and intensive weeks, and have received acknowledged written credit from UWSI may apply for reimbursement of the US dollar exchange when there is an adverse US dollar exchange rate.

Skills Demonstration Seminar Grant

For anyone successfully completing LUT training and SDS, there is a $500 grant available. The newly licensed Unity teacher may apply for a grant of $500 to honour their commitment and work to achieve this milestone. The recipient is responsible for any applicable income tax.

How It Works

A copy of the letter of successful completion of SDS must be sent to the Treasurer of the Canadian Association on receipt of their License. The Treasurer will inform the Board who will then authorize the grant payment.

Field Licensing Program Ministry Grant

There is a $1000 a year grant available for a ministry sponsoring an FLP candidate.

General Purpose

To support ministries who are supporting Spiritual Leaders in becoming credentialed Unity ministers through the Field Licensing Program.


The ministry must be an active member ministry in good standing with the Canadian Association.

Application due dates coincide with the acceptance dates for this program.

Each year, the sponsoring church may apply for a $1000 grant subject to the FLP student successfully completing that year.  Application is made each year with a letter from the Church’s Board of Directors to the Canadian Association Board of Directors.

Grant Awards

Immediately following each candidate training in March, the ministry must submit a report to the Treasurer as to the satisfactory status of the FLP candidate. The Treasurer will inform The Canadian Association Board of Trustees which will in turn generate a cheque of $1,000 CDN annually to the ministry while their leader is pursuing ordination through the FLP.

Spiritual Education and Enrichment Scholarship

Two $500 scholarships are granted each fiscal year. The scholarship application has two parts, the student submission and the sponsoring minister's submission.

Canadian Association SEE Scholarship Eligibility

Students will have a minimum of 100 SEE credits AND have the intention to complete the SEE Leadership Program or to apply to the Ministry and Religious Studies Program (M&RS) or Field Licensing Program (FLP). If a student has already received a SEE scholarship, they are not eligible to receive one again.

Update April 2017: scholarship applications are being revised. Scholarship application dates will be adjusted to accommodate the Canadian Conference which will be held in October 2017 at Unity Village. Scholarships will be awarded at the conference.

The SEE Scholarship Application must be fully completed and sent to the Scholarship Chair of the Canadian Association by appropriate due date. The application will include a minister’s recommendation, the reasons why they are pursuing their leadership goals and a question on their intention to serve in Canada. The Scholarship Chair will use the Scholarship Point System (see Appendix A) to determine the top candidates and communicate this information to the Board of Directors. A decision will be made at the next board meeting.

Northern Light Scholarship for Ministry and Religious Studies (M&RS)

Eligible students would submit tuition invoices quarterly, along with a transcript of their successful completion of the tuition course(s) to the Treasurer of the Canadian Association. If the student is in good standing in the Unity Institute program as well as with Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Canada, scholarship recipients would receive a cheque for up to 25%* of the tuition amount. (*See policy below regarding caps on scholarships as a percentage of the Canadian Association budget.)

Course Eligibility

The Northern Light Scholarship program includes tuition for courses taken in any of the three following categories:

  1. On campus courses at Unity Institute
  2. On-line courses through Unity Institute
  3. Courses pre-approved by Unity Institute to be taken at a local, accredited institution in accordance the M&RS program policy


Upon graduation and ordination, the scholarship recipient is expected to return to Canada to minister for 2 years. If the minister chooses not to return to Canada within 12 months following ordination and graduation, all scholarship monies are subject to repayment to the Canadian Association. In the event there is not 1) an opening in Canada or 2) no appropriate and suitable match can be made with an existing Canadian Unity ministry, the scholarship recipient can request an exception to this requirement, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Budgeted Annual Cost Policy


That financial support for those eligible for the Northern Lights Scholarship will not exceed $15,000 or 10% of Canadian Association annual budget, whichever is less. In the event that there are more ministerial students than available funds, the scholarship funds may be prorated based on progress in the program.