A Letter from the Board Chair, Rev. Doris Lewis

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 2013 Canadian Conference!
This is the last full Canadian conference I will attend before I stepoff the board. I remember a time when, over six years ago, I was wide-eyed and eager to engage with Unity Canada.
I became a board member, and six months later was asked to step into the role of the Board chair! I said yes.

My personal growth has accelerated from that moment on. Perhaps you find your own journey of Faith is like that. Sometimes we say “yes” even we don’t know exactly what we are agreeing to. That first “yes “opens the door to the unknown, then the next leads us to the next unknown…and the process continues, leading us to deeper Faith and increasing Spiritual development. As a board, we have stood on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. And now, Unity Canada is going through its own next step.
   In the Zen tradition, “Enlightenment is not about seeing new things. It’s about seeing the same things with new eyes.” The next step of our enlightenment is to challenge our current paradigms of ministry, of spiritual community and of relationships. I invite you to open your minds and hearts to seeing things anew. We have invited Rev. Martha Creek back by popular request. Let’s engage in this courageous conversation of being authentic, establishing real connection, and developing spiritual discipleship in Unity.
And please, too, open your arms to embrace friends old and new as we share the next four days of this exhilarating spiritual journey in Unity.
Rev. Doris Lewis
Unity Canada Chair