Education FAQs

Education Coordinator’s corner:  Understanding the “Alphabet Soup” of Unity

[The below is available as a PDF download here]
There have been many acronyms used in Unity; some are now out-dated, but if you’ve ever wondered what a term on a website (or in an article in The Canadian Path) meant, here’s a start!
SEE [courses] = Spiritual Enrichment and Education 
SEE courses may be taken for academic credit (as pre-requisites to admission to the LUT and M&RS programmes), or for personal spiritual enrichment and growth.  Courses are offered through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI), locally through Unity Canada or a Unity ministry, or a Unity National School (UNS).  SEE courses taken for academic credit may qualify for grant funds from Unity Canada.   Additional information about the course offerings is available at:
LUT = Licensed Unity Teacher
A person who has successfully completed the required SEE courses, the LUT Intensive training, and the Skills Demonstration Seminar (SDS).  An LUT must adhere to the Code of Ethics, be under the guidance of an Ordained Unity Minister, and provide a yearly report on their activities.  LUTs serve in a variety of ways, reflecting the five paths:  Adult Education, Pastoral Care, Youth and Family Ministry, Music, and Administration.   Full details at:
M&RS Program = Ministry and Religious Studies Graduate Program 
One of Unity’s paths to becoming a fully Ordained minister.  Candidates must complete a specific portion of the Personal Development programme and meet Admissions requirements prior to starting M&RS courses.  Details on this and other paths to becoming a Unity minister available at:
** side note:  Canadians follow the US path for LUT and M&RS training
UC = Unity Canada 
The organization that links Unity ministries in Canada.  Our website is, which provides information about governance, annual Conference, upcoming courses, events, and scholarships and grants for LUT and Minister candidates.
[Formerly known as “Association of Unity Churches Canada” or AUCC]
UWSI = Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute
The education branch of Unity, both for academic credit and the not-for-credit “Spiritual Explorers” program.
[Formerly known as “Unity Institute” or UI, “Unity School for Religious Studies” or USRS, “Unity School of Christianity” or USC.] 
UWM = Unity Worldwide Ministries
The branch of Unity responsible for education, credentialling, and ministries.
Presently located on Unity Village campus in what was the education building.
[Formerly known as “Association of Unity Churches,” or AUC]
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