Canadian Conference Winnipeg

Unity Winnipeg is hosting this year's Canadian Conference.  It's an important time for all Unity churches to gather together to share, to learn, and to make decisions about our association.  Although each ministry can send as many attendees as they wish, each ministry can only designate up to 2 voting delegates.  Ministries or individuals who have tithed to Unity Canada may be eligible for a grant of up to 50% of the amount tithed to cover the transportation and hotel of their two voting delegates if the delegates attend all the workshops and the Annual General Meeting.  Grant forms will be available for participating ministries at conference.

Besides the busienss of Unity Canada, there will be time for worship and fellowship with a Saturday night concert, Sunday worship at Unity Winnipeg and a special luncheon following Sunday Service.

At the Annual General Meeting, voting delegates will cast their ballots for the board of directors, and approval of the operating budget among other items.

One of the really exciting happenings at this year's conference is the continuation of Martha Creek's training with workshops on "Healthy Ministries: Workshop with: Martha Creek  See the information on this workshop below:

  In healthy organizations people follow an inner compass, take responsibility for themselves, peo-ple are challenged, people respect boundaries.  Join Martha, who is an absolutely wonderful teacher and facilitator. She brings humor and warmth to the learning experience. The process that Martha uses in her work in relationship and transition dynamics is easy, fun and effective.
“ Peace or Pain—How do you want to live your life?
There is a better way” - Martha Creek

Markers for Healthy Congregations


Healthy Congregations:
 accept differences (rather than deny them)
 respond to anxiety and change (instead of re-acting)
 act flexibly and creatively (instead of rigidly)
 people respond graciously and truthfully (rather than judgmentally or secretively)
 people empower others (rather than dominate them or cure them)
 recognize the Creator’s interdependent design of life (rather than isolated, unrelated parts)
 people develop caring relationships (rather than willful transactions)

Martha Creek is an ordained minister, personal coach , mediation/conflict resolution specialist serv-ing individuals, churches and organizations.
She has accreditation in higher education in the fields of Human Resources and Organizational
Management. Martha is also certified and trained by such organizations as Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, Healthy Congregations Facilitator
Trainer, former Unity Worldwide Ministries
Department of Peace Services, to name a few.