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Thanksgiving Thinking

The Apostle Paul was in a dark, dank, rat-infested prison when he wrote these words: "I have learned this one thing, that in whatever circumstance I am in, therein to be grateful." (Philippians 4:11) He didn't say we should be thankful for a bad situation, but rather, to be grateful regardless of the circumstance. Through spiritual practice, we find strength that transcends a temporary emotion or misfortune and learn to live from a grateful heart. -- Mary Manin Morrissey

Things To Ponder

A Covenent for a New Year

The Fillmore Convenant discovered in a book after the transition of the Fillmore's

What covenant will you make with Spirit this year?


We, Charles Fillmore and Myrtle Fillmore, husband and wife, dedicate ourselves, our time, our money, all we have and all we expect to have, to the Spirit of Truth, and through it, to the Society of Silent Unity.

Canadian Conference Winnipeg

Unity Winnipeg is hosting this year's Canadian Conference.  It's an important time for all Unity churches to gather together to share, to learn, and to make decisions about our association.  Although each ministry can send as many attendees as they wish, each ministry can only designate up to 2 voting delegates.  Ministries or individuals who have tithed to Unity Canada may be eligible for a grant of up to 50% of the amount tithed to cover the transportation and hotel of their two voting delegates if the delegates attend all the workshops and the Annual General Meeting.  Grant forms will be

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