Agenda and Reports for Unity Canada AGM August 26

Note: In honour of Doris' tenure extraodinaire with Unity Canada, the attached photo is from 2004. Welcome to Canada Doris!  The gifts you have brought us! (Seen with Irene Anton and Josette Jackson)

Unity Canada [Association of Unity Churches (Canada)]

Monday, August 26, 2013 9am – 12:00pm
Holiday Inn Airport Polo Park, Winnipeg, MB
Delegates please sign “Delegate Registration Sheet” at the door & collect your voting card


9:00am Call to Order
Opening Prayer
Roll Call
Review of Unity Canada’s Core Values and Belief, Mission
Introduction of Board of Directors and Association appointed positions:
  Chair: Doris Lewis (2nd term ends AGM ’14)
  Vice Chair: Dagmar Mikkila (2nd term ends AGM ‘15)
  Treasurer: Dagmar Mikkila
  Secretary: Sandy Carriere (2nd term ends AGM ’15)
  Chaplin: Helen McLeod (1st term ends AGM ’13)
  Member at Large: Rosalind Mariconda (1st term ends AGM ’15)
  Member at Large: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster (2nd term ends AGM ’13)
Non-voting appointed positions:
  Judicatory Rep: David Durksen
  Alternate Judicatory Rep: Pat Ball
  Regional Consultant: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster
  LUT Regional Rep: Bill Karr (1st term end ‘13)
  Rob Hunter resigned from the Board, at the post AGM Board of Directors Business Meeting, effective 2013-08-20.

9:30am Approval of Agenda
Motion to Approve 2012 Annual General Meeting Minutes.
Unity Canada 2013 AGM Delegate Package 1 08/26/2013
  Acknowledgement of written reports: - See below for actual reports
  Chair report: Rev. Doris Lewis
  Education: Rev. Sharon Ketchum
  Branding: Rev. Sharon Ketchum
  Regional Consultant: Rev Cynthia Vermillion-Foster
  Pastoral Care: Rev. Helen McLeod
  Scholarships: Rev. Lori Hisson
  Licensed Teacher Representative Report: Bill Karr. LUT
  Treasurer & Investments: Rev. Dagmar Mikkila
  Questions/motions arising from Reports
10:45am Break
11:00am Elections of Directors
    Election of 2013-14 Nominating Team
11:15am Budget Presentation by Rev. Dagmar Mikkila
  Motion to ratify the actions of Board of Directors exercised during past fiscal year
  Announcement: re Conference 2014 in Kansas
  Conference 2015 will be in Kitchener.
  Motion to adjourn AGM.

Minutes of the 2012 Meeting and submitted reports as listed above.

Unity Canada [Association of Unity Churches (Canada)]
2012 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Monday, August 20, 2012

Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina, Victoria, BC

2012 Call to Order – Rev. Doris Lewis, Chair
2012 Opening Prayer – Rev. Helen McLeod
2012 Roll Call -- 31 delegates: quorum = 16; 22 guests (attendee list attached)
2012 Review of Unity Canada’s Core Values and Belief, Mission.
2012 Introduction of Board of Directors and Association appointed positions:
  Chair: Doris Lewis (2nd term ends AGM ’14)
  Vice Chair: Dagmar Mikkila (1st term ends AGM ‘12)
  Treasurer: Sharon Ketchum (Clements) (2nd term ends AGM ‘12)
  Secretary: Sandy Carriere (1st term ends AGM ’12)
  Chaplin: Helen McLeod (1st term ends AGM ’13)
  Member at Large: Rob Hunter (2nd term ends AGM ’14)
  Member at Large: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster (2nd term ends AGM ’13)
  Non-voting appointed positions:
  Judicatory Rep.- David Durksen   Alternate Judicatory Rep.- Pat Ball
  Regional Rep.- Cynthia Vermillion-Foster
  LUT Regional Rep.- Bill Karr (1st term ends AGM ‘13)
Recognitions: Doris New LUT Pat Mauro (report from Bill), new and forming Study Groups
affiliated with Unity Ministry in Motion (report from Pat). Acknowledge Scholarship recipient Brad Watts of the Newmarket Study Group. Susan Howard, the first student of the Canadian Third Path to Unity Ordination. Call from the floor re: new or retiring ministers - none
2012 Motion: (Pat Ball, Gary Dorans) to approve Agenda as amended to include the LUTand Branding written reports. Carried unanimously.
2012 Motion: (Sherry Ulansky, Rob Hunter) to approve 2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes. Carried unanimously.
2012 Acknowledgement of reports (attached):
  Chair: Rev. Doris Lewis, Communication: Rev. Rob Hunter, Education & Scholarships: Rev. Sharon Ketchum, Regional Rep: Rev Cynthia Vermillion-Foster, Pastoral Care: Rev. Helen McLeod
Treasurer & Investments: prepared by Rev. Sharon Ketchum, presented by Rev. Dagmar Mikkila
Branding: Rev. Sharon Ketchum
Questions/motions arising from reports: None

Presentation of Proposed Bylaw changes
Section 5.02 Qualifications of Directors
Directors shall be credentialed leaders of a member ministry or credentialed leaders who reside
in Canada. Only one Director will be chosen from any member ministry or its affiliated
expansion works. The number of Directors shall be seven (7). This Board shall elect its own
officers. [Note: “credentialed leaders” in these bylaws will include ministers and Licensed Unity
Proposed Amendment:

Section 5.02 Qualifications of Directors
Directors shall be credentialed leaders of a member ministry or credentialed leaders who reside
in Canada. Only one Director will be chosen from any member ministry or its affiliated
expansion works. The number of Directors shall be minimum five (5) maximum seven (7). This
Board shall elect its own officers. [Note: “credentialed leaders” in these bylaws will include
ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers.]
Rational for Amendment:
Allowing a floating number of members for the Unity Canada board insures that Unity
Canadian can recruit fully qualified board candidates to fulfill the various board roles. If
there are not 7 fully qualified candidates willing to step forward to serve on the board,
the Unity Canada board has the option of training potential board candidates to meet
the qualifications.
Motion: (Roxanne Buckle, Susan Howard) to approve the Bylaw amendment as
presented. Carried. Record 1(one) nay vote by Lori Hisson

Doris announced Dagmar and Sandy’s 1st term complete, Sharon’s 2nd term complete.
Election of Directors – Tessa Moore, Member-at-Large and 2012 Nominating Team
Chair thanked the team members: Minister – Lori Hisson, LUT – Vicki Vanderhorst,
Board Member - Helen McLeod and presented the slate of nominees:
Dagmar Mikkila, Sandy Carriere and Rosalind Mariconda
Motion: (Pat Moauro, Sherry Ulansky) to accept slate of nominees as presented.
Passed unanimously.

Election of Nominating Team 2013:
Doris read Bylaws Section 7.01 Nominating Team
Section 7.01 Nominating Team
Each year at the Annual General Meeting, a Nominating Team shall be formed to initiate a
search for qualified candidates for the Board of Directors to be voted on at the next Annual
General Meeting. The team shall consist of a member of the Board of Directors, a Licensed
Unity Teacher, a minister and a voting delegate.
(1)At the Annual General Meeting, the Membership shall elect a Licensed Unity Teacher and
a minister to serve on the Nominating Team for the next year's election.
(2)The Board shall elect one of its Directors.
(3) The Director, the minister and the Licensed Unity Teacher shall select a fourth member
from the voting delegates at the current Annual General Meeting.
(4)The team shall self-select one of their team to serve as Chair.
(5) In the event of unavailability to serve of the persons so elected, the Board shall select a
person from the voting membership to fill the vacancy, other than a current Board member.
(6)The Team shall take into consideration that the slate of nominees along with currently
serving Directors represents a cross-section of Canadian ministries.

2012 Call for nominations:
1. Minister position: (Vicki Vanderhorst,Pat Ball) nominate Sharon Ketchum
2. LUT position: (Elaine Stupendick, Lori Hisson) nominate Vicki Vanderhorst
Motion: (Pat Ball, Gary Dorrans) to cease nominations. Passed unanimously
Positions approved by acclamation.
Announcement of Helen McLeod as Board member appointed to serve on the 2013
Nominating Team.

2012 Budget Presentation – Rev. Dagmar
Motion: (Marilyn Smith, Elaine Stupendick ) to approve April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014
budget as presented. Passed unanimously.
Motion: (Wendy Woytasic-Karr, Lori Hisson) to ratify the actions of Board of Directors
exercised during past fiscal year. Passed unanimously.

Announcement: Conference 2013 will be in Winnipeg, MB.
Conference 2014 will be in Kansas pre Unity Worldwide Conference.
Announcement: Roxanne Buckle (Ottawa) selected as member-at-large to serve on
the 2013 Nominating Team.
Motion: (Susan Howard, Vicki Vanderhorst) to adjourn AGM. Passed unanimously.
Unity Canada 2013 AGM Delegate Package 5 08/26/2013

1. Gary Dorrans: Comox
2. Helen McLeod:Barrie
3. Wendy Woytasic-Karr: Mississauga
4. Rob Hunter: Kawarthas
5. Sharon Floyd: Kawarthas
6. Lillian Upright: Edmonton
7. Glenn Mosley: Vancouver
8. Martha Mosley: Vancouver
9. Susan Howard: Kitchener
10. Tessa Moore: Etobicoke
11. Marilyn Smith: Kitchener
12. Pat Moauro: London
13. Jo-Anna Davies: Newmarket
14. Dagmar Mikkila: Durham
15. Anna Rider: Mississauga
16. Cathy Chamberlin: Victoria
17. Doris Lewis: Victoria
18. Pat Ball
19. Ivale Baniuk: Unity Ministry in Motion
20. Brad Watts: Unity Ministry in Motion
21. Elaine Stupendick: Comox
22. Lori Hisson: London
23. Cynthia Vermillion Foster: Hamilton
24. Jim Cliffe: New Westminster
25. Maxine Alexander: Durham
26. Heather Grobb: Winnipeg
27. Sandy Carriere: Winnipeg
28. Sherry Ulansky: New Westminster
29. Louise Klimczak: Windsor
30. Roxanne Buckle: Ottawa
31. Peter Jeffery: Ottawa
1. David Durksen: Unity Internet Ministry
2. Renate Melton: Victoria
3. Bonnie Roll: Victoria
4. Anne Tuomikorpi: Newmarket
5. Vicki Vanderhorst: Comox
6. Joan Birbeck:: Ottawa
7. Judy Bethel: Edmonton
8. Ralph Steeves: Vancouver
9. Lynn Keeling: Vancouver
10. Rose Lester: Mississauga
11. Bev Anne Moynham: Victoria
12. Kent Dinning: Newmarket
13. Diana McComb: Newmarket
14. Julie Armor: Unity Worldwide Ministries
15. Robin McComb: Newmarket
16. Tina Manders: Comox
17. Garry Zimmerman: Comox
18. Joyce Elliott: Victoria
19. Sandy Mongeau: Vancouver
20. Janet Law: Vancouver
21. James Pickup: Victoria
22. Jasen McQuarrie: Victoria

Education Report 2013 for the Canadian Path (The Third Path) to Ordination as a Unity Minister
Presented by Sharon Ketchum
          Current Status of Programme: Our first candidate is moving through a programme which has
received a trial approval from the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board of Directors. Upon
completion of our first ordination, Unity Canada will ask for full approval and recognition from
the Board of Directors of Unity Worldwide Ministries.
          Rev. Susan Howard, Kitchener, was licensed as a Unity minister August 2012 at the Canadian conference. She successfully completed her third L & O (Licensing and Ordination interviews) at Unity Village June 2013. It is anticipated that she will be completing her course work at Wilfred Laurier and her fourth (and final) L&O in June 2014. This would make her eligible to
become the first Canadian ordinate through the new programme. Mentor is David Durksen.
          Though we have had several inquiries from people interested in becoming Unity ministers, we currently have no new applications.
           This is one of three paths to licensing and ordination
- Primary Path: Residential Schooling at Unity Institute, Unity Village, Missouri for three years.
Scholarships for up to 25% of tuition are available. We have no residential students at the
current time.
- Field Licensing Path (FLP): A 3 year path for Licensed Unity Teachers, ministers ordained in
another faith and individuals who already have a Masters of Divinity, who are serving as
employed spiritual leaders, associates or assistants of a recognized Unity ministry in Canada.
The congregation commits to supporting the candidate financially for the schooling. There is a
$1000 a year grant to the church available for each year of the programme.  Currently, there are two FLP candidates: Vicki Vanderhorst, Comox Valley and Roxanne Buckle, Ottawa. Sandy Carriere, Winnipeg is in the application stage of the process.
Canadian Path to Ordination: This path is designed for an individual seeking ordination that
is not a spiritual leader of a recognized Unity ministry and is not in a position to attend
residential schooling for three years in the USA. This is a 3-4 year programme – though it can
be up to ten years depending on the speed with which the milestone markers are met. A
licensed Unity teacher co-creates with a mentor a course structure equivalent to what is
offered at Unity Institute. This is approved by the Unity School Canada Education Committee
(Doris Lewis, David Durksen and Sharon Ketchum). The Unity Canada Board is kept informed
of the progress.  Courses may be taken at a local University, on-line through Unity Institute (e.g. Metaphysics, Prayer, etc.) Additional course work may involve professional and specialty workshops taken locally, at Unity conferences, etc.

All paths require a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Licensed Unity Teacher credentialing is
required for FLP and the Canadian Path. The first step of applying is contacting the Unity
Canada Board of Directors and/or working through a sponsoring minister.

Branding in Canada as of July 2013
Unity Canada and the ministries in Canada are embracing the new logo, website design
and marketing. Along with Unity Canada, there are currently have 10 of our 28
ministries and study groups* signed on to the logo programming and 5 ministries using
the branded website. Unity ministries have received a total of $2000 in branding grants
and $1775 in Website Grants.
* Study groups are not eligible to use the brand until they have a credentialed Unity

As of July, the following ministries have adopted the new logo
1. Unity Comox Valley
2. Unity of Durham
3. Unity of Greater Hamilton
4. Unity Kitchener
5. Unity London
6. Unity Ottawa
7. Unity Ministries in Motion
8. Unity Victoria
9. Unity Windsor
10. Unity Winnipeg
Plus Unity Canada
As of July, the following five ministries have gone live with the new branded website
1. Unity of Greater Hamilton
2. Unity Kitchener
3. Unity Ministries in Motion
4. Unity Victoria
5. Unity Windsor
Plus Unity Canada
Grants to support ministries in adopting the new logo are still available. The grant to
contract to the new logo is $200. The grant for adopting the new website is $295 for
ministries with 1 – 49 members and $395 for ministries with 50 – 150 members.
FYI: Fees structures for ministries for the branding programme are as follows:
Logo Package 1 – contracted to use MiPrint
Cost: $190 at signup, and $100 annually thereafter and a commitment to purchase printed materials
from MiPrint whenever they have the product the ministry requires.
Logo Package 2 – Purchase the design and do own printing
Cost: $690 at sign-up and $300 annually thereafter.

Branded Website
Ministry Members set up fee annual fee
1-49 members $295 $350 ($32.95/month)
50-150 members $395 $765 ($65.95/month)

Unity Canada Regional Consultant Report for 2013
You may have noticed that the term “Regional Consultant” at the top of this report. It is a new term for the role that used to be called Regional Representative. This change arose out of a Standards Team Meeting in January in which we (the Regional Representatives) realized that our role had shifted considerably; that we were no longer simply representatives for the region, but had become much more active in supporting, coaching, and consulting with our ministries and their credentialed and lay leaders. This new role reflects the evolution of our desire/intention to fulfill our mission: “The purpose of the Standards Ministry Team is to assure standards of professional  excellence for Unity Worldwide Ministries that further our mission to create and support vibrant, diverse, spiritual leaders and communities that foster transformation and inspire people to make a positive difference in our world.” As your Regional Consultant, I hope that you will use me as your 411 number – the person to assist with questions and concerns and to direct you to services to support your ministry. In some cases, I will be the provider of these services; in other cases, I
will connect you with someone else who can assist you. Below is a list of the key services currently available through Unity Canada:
• Ministry Mentorship
• Facilitation for Congregational Meetings
• Mediation
• Leadership Development
• Honouring Our Past, Creating Our Future Process
• Vision/Mission/Core Values Process
• Transitional Ministry Consulting
• Healthy Congregations Workshops
If you would like more information on any/all of these processes, please let me know.
There are a number of ministries that are in the midst of transition and I would like to
acknowledge some of these changes:
• Unity In Action in New West Minster, BC has hired Rev. Roy Ayers. (He was hired
just before conference last year, and his name didn’t make it into this report.)
• Arlene Boudreau retired as Spiritual Leader of Unity Spiritual Centre of Windsor
last summer. The ministry hired Rev. Rosalind Mariconda in the fall.
• Roxanne Buckle has been licensed as a Unity Teacher, and is serving as the
Spiritual Leader of Unity Ottawa Spiritual Centre.
• Susan Howard and Vicki Vanderhorst have been licensed as Unity Ministers, and are both working towards ordination.
Unity Canada 2013 AGM Delegate Package 12 08/26/2013
• Unity of Mississauga. Is employing Rev. Mary Wood as Temporary Minister effective September 2013. They will be open to receive resumes for a Permanent Minister shortly. Mary will provide spiritual leadership as they move through their search process.
• Rev. Glenn and Martha Moseley have resigned from Unity Spiritual Centre in Vancouver.
The Regional Consultants have dealt with a number of situations in which individuals or groups of individuals are engaged in behaviours that have a disruptive and unhealthy impact on the ministry. The Standards Team is working on a Disruptive Behaviour Policy. This will be a template for ministries to use if they so desire, providing them with a fair, transparent process for dealing with behaviour that negatively impacts the health and well‐being of the ministry. I will notify you when this is complete.
The Peace Team is working on a Whole‐Community Evaluation Form to be used to assess the entire ministry in a fairly simple and straight forward manner. This will facilitate focus and intentional planning aligned with vision/mission. As with the Disruptive Behaviour Policy, I will notify you when this is complete and available for use. As Regional Consultant, my desire is to provide the space for connection and support and to assist all our ministries in being all that they can be. If I can support you in any way, please let me know.
In loving service,
Rev. Cynthia Vermillion‐Foster


Providing prayer support and holding prayer consciousness.
Annual updating of the monthly prayer cards for Canadian ministry prayer- team use.
Coordinating wellness calls as they arose.
Sending flowers for those who have passed this year: Rev. Jo Harris and Rev. Donald Curtis.
In Blessed Service,
Rev. Helen McLeod
Chaplain to the Board of Unity Canada,
Senior Minister, Unity Barrie, Barrie, ON.

1. Congratulations to Licensed Unity Teachers in Training ( LTT’s), Carolyn Kingston of
Parry Sound and Judi Murakami of Unity Comox Valley in BC who both won SEE
scholarships. Previous winner of this scholarship in 2012 was Brad Watts of Unity of
2. A new stream of LUT studies has been announced by Shirley Kennedy, Licensed Teacher
Co-ordinator, and Richard Mekdici, head of Music at Unity village, who is an LUT. With
the proper courses and qualifications, one can now become an LUT “majoring” in music.
The other LUT streams are Adult Education, Youth Education, Pastoral Care, and
3. Two New LUT’s were licensed since the last AGM of August 2012. Maxine Alexander,
sponsored by Unity of Durham, was licensed as an LUT this spring. Her LUT certificate
was presented to her on June 2nd, 2013. Roxanne Buckle was licensed as an LUT in
November 2012. She has subsequently been appointed as their Spiritual Leader of Unity
of Ottawa. Both new LUT’sare eligible for the UC SDS Grant, awarded to LT candidates
who pass their SDS.
4. This report was written at the end of July 2013. By the time of the AGM in August, it is expected that Sheila Mayer of Kitchener will have passed her SDS at the beginning of August 2013. She will receive her license in the fall of 2013.
5. Arlene Boudreau, LUT of Unity of Windsor stepped down as spiritual leader of Unity of Windsor in the fall of 2012. The Windsor church subsequently hired Rev Rosalind Mariconda as their spiritual leader. Rev Rosalind is a member of the Unity Canada Board of Directors.
6. My term as LUT Representative to the UC Board expires as at the date of the AGM.
There are presently no candidates appling for this position, so I have agreed to stay on in the position until such time as a new LUT Rep is appointed.
Respectfully submitted.
Bill Karr. LUT

Financials reports sent to each delegate in PDF format. Not transferable to this format

  Reverend Robert Hunter
Reverend Rob Hunter was ordained June 2006 at the Unity School of Christianity. In
addition to his training in seminary, Rob has graduate level training in social work with
primary focus on community development, social planning and social administration
along with many years (too many to mention) in social service delivery.
After graduation and ordination, Rob was the Associate Minister at Unity of
Independence in Independence Missouri for a year and has spent the last five plus years
with an emerging Unity group in Lindsay, Ontario while employed part time at a local
children’s mental health centre.
Rob has experience on and with the Unity Canada Board of Directors, as a member of the
Unity Canada Healthy Congregation’s Team and as a member of the Council of Chairs
with the Ethics Review Process at Unity Worldwide Ministries.
Rob is married to Ric Jones, a transitional consultant and candidate for ministry in the
Unitarian Universalist tradition and is blessed by having three children, their spouses and
seven grandchildren in his life.

Reverend Helen McLeod BIO
Reverend Helen McLeod has been serving the spiritual community in Barrie since November 2008.
It has been a long and interesting journey as she has been guided to come fulfill the next stage of
her calling to ministry in this community. Helen attended Ministerial School at Unity Village, in Lees
Summit, Missouri from 2005 – 2007 and was ordained a Unity Minister in June 2007. In 2008 she
served an internship at Unity Church of Hawaii, in the capacity of Interim Associate Minister under
the dynamic tutelage of Rev. Sky St. John.
Rev. Helen has a vision of creating a world where we each honor the Divine in one another as we all live in freedom while experiencing happiness and joy. Her eclectic experiences and adaptability
enhance her ministry as she models empowerment and compassion for self and others. In ministry she especially enjoys spiritual/pastoral counseling, facilitating small group ministry, and community outreach. She allows for Divine Guidance to direct the course of her life. As she proclaims, “it’s all about Spiritual growth”. 
Prior to her ordination as a Unity Minister, Helen’s life has taken her into many varied fields that
include serving as the Office Manager & Assistant to the Minister at Unity Church of Mississauga,
counseling in the addiction field over a 10 year period, partnering in a leading Canadian Security and Investigation Company, publishing limited edition graphics, training dogs, managing a dog kennel and horse farm, working in corporate travel sales and in a variety of corporate, retail, and wholesale work settings.
In addition, to serving as minister to Unity Barrie, Rev. Helen currently also serves as part of the
spiritual care team at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishene as a
Multifaith Chaplain. In this capacity she supports patients and staff in reconnecting to their inner
wisdom, guidance and courage to face their life issues, mental health challenges and/or addictions. Helen's family which consists of an adult daughter, Melanie, and a mother, Eva, both reside in Ontario.

Biography for Rev. Roy Ayers
Rev.Roy Ayers, an ordained Unity minister, graduated in 1995 and has served four Unity ministries in the States. Since June 2011 he is the minister for Unity in Action church in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Rev. Roy has been a member of the Great Lakes Regional Board and the Pacific Northwest Regional Board. He was Treasurer of each board. Rev. Roy’s hobbies are music, swimming, golf, and daily walks with their family dogs Johnny and Henry in the beautiful foothills of Mt. Baker in Maple Falls, WA where he and his wife (Rev. Julie) reside. Rev. Roy is a Dad, his son Ryan is (37). Rev. Roy is a Grandpa with three grandchildren through his marriage to Rev. Julie. He is happily married to Rev. Julie Montague (ord. Unity Minister 95) and has two step children through his marriage to Rev. Julie, daughter Erin and son Jeremy. All family members live close to their home and join on Friday nights at the dining room table for a delicious dinner prepared by Rev. Julie, who is a gourmet chef. Rev. Roy is delighted to have the opportunity to serve as a member of the Unity Canada Board. His plans for the future are to joyfully minister at Unity in Action church, and he will carry out the duties and obligations of the role of Board of Trustee member when elected.

Date __________ Ministry Name, City ____________ ____________
Unity Canada Event or Activity this claim is related to: Canadian Conference 2013, Winnipeg MB
Amount of Eligible Church Travel Grant ___________________________
T3010 2012 received from applying church ___________________________
A copy of the church’s current T3010 (for 2012) must be on file with the Canadian
Association prior to the Canadian Association issuing the grant cheque.
Date Hotel or Travel* Total Amount HST/GST Comments Receipt
• For those driving instead of flying, mileage is reimbursed at the rate of $ .54/kilometre for a round trip
up to the cost of a flight. .
To cover transportation and accommodation of two voting delegates. Delegates must attend all official
conference sessions in order for the church to receive this grant.
Individual/Organization submitting this claim (In the event there are questions)
Make Reimbursement Payable to: (This must be a church name – if expenses were incurred
personally, it is the church’s responsibility to issue the cheque from the grant the church receives.)
Send Reimbursement to:
Submit all reimbursement claims to
Unity Canada Treasurer
c/o Unity Kitchener, 2631 Kingsway Drive, Kitchener, Ontario N2C 1A7
Unity Canada 2013 AGM Delegate Package 23 08/26/2013


2004 Kelowna, BC

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the 2013 Canadian
This is the last full Canadian conference I will attend before I stepoff the board. I remember a time when, over six years ago, I was wide-eyed and eager to engage with Unity Canada. I became a
board member, and six months later was asked to step into the role of the Board chair! I said yes. My personal growth has accelerated from that moment on. Perhaps you find your own journey of Faith is like that. Sometimes we say “yes” even we don’t know exactly what we are agreeing to. That first “yes “opens the door to the unknown, then the next leads us to the next unknown…and the process continues, leading us to deeper Faith and increasing Spiritual development. As a board, we have stood on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. And now, Unity Canada is going through its own next step.
   In the Zen tradition, “Enlightenment is not about seeing new things. It’s about seeing the same things with new eyes.” The next step of our enlightenment is to challenge our current paradigms of ministry, of spiritual community and of relationships. I invite you to open your minds and hearts to seeing things anew. We have invited Rev. Martha Creek back by popular request. Let’s engage in this courageous conversation of being authentic, establishing real connection, and developing spiritual discipleship in Unity.
And please, too, open your arms to embrace friends old and new as we share the next four days of this exhilarating spiritual journey in Unity.
Rev. Doris Lewis
Unity Canada Chair