2019 Grant for Ministries

DECEMBER 2019.  optional Grant application template 

Unity Canada is offering our active member Ministries and Study Groups the opportunity to receive up to a $1,000 grant to further develop your unique presence and expression of Unity.

It is our intention that you receive this grant by March 31, 2020.
Please read on to understand the rationale and discover the simple steps you need to take to participate in this flow of abundance.
 The mission of Unity Canada is to serve and equip ministries and emerging leaders by providing spirit-led 
(1) educational support, (2) leadership consultancy; and (3) communication. 
Our core values --the way we behave as an organization and as individuals to deliver this mission - are: Generosity, Innovation, Transparency, Belonging and Fruitful.  
As you are likely aware, Unity Canada is in a very strong financial position due to the generosity of our members and solid fiscal management.  We have developed several priorities to which we will allocate financial and people resources over the next year that will support our mission.  These were communicated at the recent AGM at Unity Village.

One additional action we decided to take to deliver on our mission is to financially support you to invest in something that benefits your ministry or study group, within the three pillars of the mission.  

For example, your Ministry heart's desire might be to send your music person to the music conference or to offer scholarships within your ministry as a way to get people excited to take SEE classes (pillar 1: educational support), or it might be to engage the services of the Regional Consultant and conduct a vision/mission/core values session or board training for your ministry (pillar 2: leadership consultancy) or maybe you've been wanting to take your communication to the next level by purchasing the equipment for projecting visuals during service, purchase the technology to record and put your talks online, or invest in having a greater social media presence (pillar 3:  communication)   These are only a few examples to stimulate your thinking and illustrate the connection to the pillars of the mission.

 Your 3 easy next steps are:
1.   Put on your thinking caps and involve whoever you feel necessary (your board, leadership team, congregation, members of your study group) to decide in which area(s) you would like to invest. Two things to keep in mind: (1) These must NOT be normal operating expenditures such as help paying the rent, give the spiritual leader a bonus (always a good idea but doesn't fit here), or replace the soiled carpet from last year's flood. (2) Active Ministries, including Alternative Ministries, can receive up to $1,000; Study Groups, up to $500.
2.  Write a short paragraph "grant proposal" that answers these 3 questions: (I) what is your idea or combination of ideas, and how much do you estimate the cost to be; (2) what strategic pillar(s) of the mission are supported, and (3) how do you expect it will benefit your ministry/study group.
3.  Email your "grant proposal" (optional template) to 
secretary@unitycanada.org as early as tomorrow and no later than March 1, 2020.  Randie Jacobs, our board secretary, will forward your proposal as soon as it arrives to Sandy Carriere (Treasurer) and Rev. Roxanne Buckle (Vice-Chair) who will review your proposal, contact you if any discussion is required, and prepare your grant cheque!  It is our intention that grant cheques arrive no later than March 31, 2020 (the end of Unity Canada Fiscal Year).  Please note:  grant cheques will NOT be available before December 31, 2019. 
Another note: this is NOT a contest in that the grant proposals will be evaluated and compared and the best chosen.  Rather, if you fulfill the intention of this proposal and the easy steps, your grant proposal will be enthusiastically endorsed! It is our intention that this development grant process be a reflection and demonstration of our core values of generosity, innovation, transparency, belonging, and fruitful.
Please email back if you have any questions.