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Unity Winnipeg - the Ministry which hosted Unity Canada Conference 2013

Everyone who attended the Unity Canada conference offers a big, hearty "THANK YOU" to all the volunteers who worked together to created a wonderful and memorable experience.

Unity has deep and varied roots in Winnipeg - one of the oldest study groups in the movement.

Formed as a study group in 1928 with Mrs. Beth Richards as Spiritual leader.

In 1931 Rev. Edna Boyer became leader, the group was called The Unity Assembly of Jesus Christ.

In 1955 B.K. MacRury formed Unity Centre of Winnipeg.

In 1957 Dorothy Lundgren led the group.

Other interim leaders included Rev. Ed Rabel and Rev. Russell Kemp.


Lucile Osborne Johnston became leader in 1962, graduating from the Unity Correspondence School in 1965, she was ordained in 1966. Rev. Lucile retired as leader in 1997. As Minister Emeritus she made her transition in 1998 at age 90. During the last half of her tenure her assistant was Sandy Carriere, who was Licensed as a Unity Teacher in 1998.

Jim Cliffe, LUT served as Interim Minister during 1997-98.

Rev. Charlotte Prossen was hired from the USA for 1999 – 2000.

Sandy Carriere is the present Spiritual Leader.

(Remaining in central Winnipeg throughout its history, we have been located in the Donalda Building, The National Typewriter Building, The Univac Building, on Banning Street and presently at 300 Arlington Street)


Unity Winnipeg 300 & 302 Arlington Street, Winnipeg, Mn  204 783-6459

Sandy Carriere, Spiritual Leader of Unity Winnipeg


The Apse and a look at the seating as we left Sunday Service August 25th, 2013