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Church Travel Grant Claim Form 2018 Unity conference

Travel Grant Claim Form for 2018 Unity Canada Conference.

Conference Travel Grant Policy

Ministries receive advice about the amount of their eligible travel grant by July each year.

Reimbursement is made payable to the Ministry name. It is the Ministry's responsibility to reimburse individual expenses from the grant it receives. 

In order to receive the travel grant the following is required: 

-  All grant recipients are required to attend the full conference.
-  All Receipts for travel, accommodation, and registration fees must be submitted.
-  A copy of the ministry’s current T3010 must be on file with the Treasurer.
-  The ministry must be a current member of Unity Canada

Effective August 2018, there are two changes:

1. In addition to using the grant toward travel and accommodation. grant amounts can now be used toward registration expenses for member ministries, ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers with grant amounts.  
2.  There is no longer a restriction to the number of people covered by the travel grant.